Coming to meet our puppies

So you wish to meet our puppies. You are more then welcome to come meet them. Our puppies are vaccinated/health check at 8 weeks of age. We start taking appointments at 9 weeks of age – the puppies will be available to go to their new homes at this time. Here you will find our rules and suggestions for coming to an appointment to meet them.

  • We require an appointment in advance. We are not an open store with puppies on display. This is my home and my four legged furkids home.
  • We show the puppies on our front porch. This keeps any germs to the local area which I disinfect after visits. Allowing people into the house upsets the dogs, especially the moms who could injure a pup in their attempt to protect them and a greater risk of getting dogs ill with germs should you have any on you. Also, for security purposes.
  • During the summer you will want to set up an early visit to avoid the afternoon heat and sun. While we will make an appointment anytime, please consider this when setting it up.
  • Please refrain from puppy shopping. When you go to meet puppies from one house to another you will bring germs/parasites/worms from one home to another. Do your homework on people online first as well as phone.
  • You may not bring other dogs without permission into my home/yard.
  • Our time with our dogs and things we need to keep up with is precious. While we enjoy meeting you and chatting and showing your our amazing puppies, please limit your visit to an hour if possible. Sometimes we have other appointments scheduled after you too.
  • If you can’t afford our puppies or don’t intend to purchase, please don’t waste our time that we could be doing something else.
  • If you schedule an appoint and can’t make it, a call or message would be very much appreciated. It is unfair to ask us to sit and wait on you when you have decided not to come, or found your baby somewhere else.
  • We will do our best to guide you with sizes/sexes/and personality traits that will fit your home so that you get a perfect match.
Meet The Puppies