Our Honeychon puppies will be provided an AKC Canine Partners Registration form in their puppy pack for enrollment. Or you can enroll online at AKC Canine Partners Registration. Enrolling in the AKC Canine Partners℠ program makes the most of life with your dog. Once you’ve taken the step of enrolling, all kinds of fun dog activities become available. As of February 2018 – enrollment fee is $35.

AKC Canine Partners Programs℠ Official Certificate

An official certificate from the American Kennel Club honoring your dog.

Eligibility to participate in Agility, AKC Rally®, Obedience, Tracking and Coursing Ability Events

Keep your dog fit – both physically and mentally – through the exciting world of dog sports.

Eligibility for AKC Recognition of Titles

Dogs in the Canine Partners program are eligible for these titles: AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Canine Good Citizen-Advanced, AKC Therapy Dog and AKC Search & Rescue Dog. In addition, AKC recognizes the titles of these sports organizations: Barn Hunt Association, North America Diving Dogs and North American Flyball Association.

Lifetime enrollment in AKC Reunite Lost & Found Recovery Service with ReUnite collar tag

A pet recovery expert for 15 years, AKC Reunite is a not-for-profit organization, and protecting pets is all they do. Collar tag provided has your AKC Canine Partners℠ Program Listing Number printed on it.

One-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine

The AKC Family Dog magazine is published bimonthly and provides information for every dog owners on Training & Behavior, Nutrition and Health, Good Grooming and Dogsport 101.

Complimentary office visit with veterinarian in the AKC Veterinary Network

Receive an AKC Veterinary Network voucher to be redeemed with one of the practices participating in the AKC Veterinary Network for your first office visit.

30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage

Receive an AKC Pet Insurance Certificate which offers 30 days of coverage for eligible veterinarian expenses. Details on activation will be included in your listing certificate packet.

AKC Canine Partners Registration